Quote of the Day – Anton Chekov



I hear that one of the biggest rules in writing is “show, don’t tell.” Don’t tell us “Jake has a crush on Jenny.” Show us, “For the whole class period, Jake has been staring at Jenny from across the classroom. Every time she looks his way his heart leaps, he buries his head into his book, and doodles her name in his notes.”

See the difference? It’s much more fun to show too.

Upcoming Sci-Fi Films of 2017


I’m a huge fan of sci-fi movies, and this year is looking great so far. For me it all started with”Back to the Future.” I’d wonder, “what’s the world going to be like when you don’t need roads?” That question had my mind running, and studying the theories of the near and distant future has been one of my greatest passions in life. A good sci-fi movie can change the world, and can push forward the fields of science and technology in unimaginable ways. It turns out the present is a lot different than “Back to the Future 2” predicted, but some inventions have been created because of the popularity of the movie. There are inventions the movie couldn’t have predicted, like smart phones. A lot of the inventions may come to fruition someday though. Holograms aren’t quite here yet, and when we discover how to create a room temperature superconductor we’ll have the beloved hover boards from the movie (but super conductors will be capable of far more than that). I’m hearing rumblings about legitimate flying cars being created by Uber and other companies that are much closer than you’d believe. I could talk for hours about what this movie has done to the minds of scientists and technologists, of what they strive to create because of it, so I’ll force myself to stop here.

Courtesy of Futurism: Click this link to see 5 promising sci-fi movies to be released in 2017.

One of them could inspire you.

In-Depth Interview – Damien Chazelle


Damien Chazelle has certainly come on to my radar this year. Over the past several years he has written and directed a couple of my favorites, “Whiplash,” “10 Cloverfield Lane,” and “La La Land.” His characters and stories are wonderfully written, and his films have consistently kept me on the edge of my seat. There’s a special quality to them that’s rare in movies these days.

A couple questions from the interview:

Why did you want to do a dream ballet, and what were you hoping to draw on?”

“Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are reminiscent of iconic screen pairings of the past. How did the fact that they have this chemistry that is well-known change your conception of the film and these characters?”

“Did you have any thoughts about audience fear of people breaking into song and why that might exist in this day and age?”

And the link to the interview: A.V. Club’s In-Depth Interview – Damien Chazelle

In-Depth Interview: Ben Affleck and Matt Damon


Fun fact: Before he was famous, Ben Affleck had a very difficult time giving out his last name on the phone. When he said, “Affleck,” people on the other side of the line would hear, “Asslick.” Jokes aside, the rest of what I found in this interview from 1997, was wonderful and entertaining. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have a long list of titles they have been a part of, or have created themselves. Affleck has since become a very talented director and producer, making him a quadruple threat. Look out for his new movie, “Live By Night,” as he’s been on a roll. Also, nobody mispronounces his name any more. That’s good too.

Check out the Interview here.

Friday Fun – Holiday Writing Humor


Happy Holidays to everyone! You know, even Santa edits his writing, but he likes to get it all down first. A lot of writers find it better to put all their thoughts down before starting the editing process. I happen to be one of them.

Imagine if Santa put you on the Naughty List by mistake and didn’t check it! That would just be poor writing habits.

The Origins of the Holidays


Happy Holidays everyone! I took a suggestion from Wade today, as I thought it was a great one. Do you ever wonder where all of our holiday traditions come from? There’s a great series of short videos from History.com that explain all of our beloved holidays and how they came to be. They have a video for most of the major holidays, and they’re very entertaining.

A few fun facts I learned from them were:

  • Santa Claus didn’t wear red and white until a Coca-Cola ad in the 1920’s.
  • The first revisiting of Thanksgiving took place nearly 200 years after the first celebration.
  • Halloween, for a period of time was all about the tricks, not so much about the treats. Take me back to that time, because I’ve got a few tricks I’d like to play.

Here’s a link: History.com – Holiday Videos

Maybe you’ll find some inspiration in there if you’re writing a Holiday themed story.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!