We’re Jordan and Wade. We run theOffice, a quiet, communal workspace in Los Angeles where Hollywood screenwriters, novelists, journalists and other creatives come to get it done. We have 30 Aeron workstations in the room with complimentary coffee, tea, WiFi and Bose headphones. If you’ve never been, you’re welcome to try us out for a free week.

We created this blog as a little corner of inspiration for writers on the web. You’ll find useful tips, interviews with prominent authors, inspiring quotes, contest deadlines and more. Thanks for stopping by and if you’re in the LA area, come visit in person!

1347 19th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90404
p: 310-917-4455
f: 310-917-4454


17 thoughts on “About

  1. N.G. Davis says:

    Hey, just saw you followed me. Just so you know, I’ve wanted to work in this space ever since I first heard about it a couple years back. Maybe when I finally get a chance to move out to LA…

  2. chelsealouhaden says:


    Thanks for the follow – it’s a lovely concept that you’ve got here, I’m over in the UK so not able to take advantage as of yet, but you never know when in LA…

    Nice blog by the way.

    Chelsea Louise

  3. Michaela says:

    Hello from Germany and thanks for the follow, it is most appreciated!
    I love the idea of theOffice and wish I could join you over there.

    Michaela Bomba

  4. tpesce2015 says:

    Fine. I was enjoying the beauty of Sandpoint Idaho, perfectly content. Now? I want to move to L.A. so I can work in theOffice. What a great idea – beautifully executed.

    And thanks for following me! I’m honored.

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