The Steps To Become A Successful Screenwriter

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Today I’m here to give you seven easy steps to become a screenwriter! I wish I wasn’t joking. How cool would that be? It’s actually pretty difficult to make it in Hollywood, and is something that you should work at every day if you truly want it. I’m here to provide you with help and inspiration, so let me tell you this… If you put your mind to it, and you work hard and really want this, you can become a successful screenwriter. Below is a great introductory article, written by Stephanie Palmer at Good In A Room, on seven steps that will help put you on the right path.

How To Become A Screenwriter In 7 Steps


Habits Of Highly Successful Screenwriters

Happy New Year everybody! I thought a great post for the new year would be to post some habits of highly successful screenwriters. Maybe you can start your new year off by making some positive changes to your writing habits. I found a great article written by Karl Iglesias over at Writers Store. Below are some of the habits of highly successful screenwriters, which are explored deeper here – How to Become a Screenwriter: 6 Essential Habits of Highly Successful Screenwriters

  • Have a Driving Reason to Write
  • Set a High Standard of Excellence
  • Trust Their Instincts and Write What Excites Them
  • Write Regularly and Set Writing Goals
  • Understand the Rules of the Game and Adapt to Them
  • Evoke Emotions in the Reader

Do You Need To Go To School To Become A Screenwriter?

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I’ve been linking articles from Script Magazine for quite a while, not knowing they’d be featuring us! Pretty cool! Writers, Head To The Office! Where You Write Matters

There’s going to be a theme in my posts for the upcoming weeks, which are going to help with decision making, and then with becoming a successful screenwriter. Storytelling, I believe, is one of the most important jobs in the world. The passing of knowledge from one to another or to many. Books, movies, and TV shows are often the main sources of inspiration in my life, and are often where I go when I search for answers. There can be a large responsibility in being a storyteller, and so I think this series would be good for those who want to share their knowledge with the world. I believe a good story, one worth sharing, can come from anyone. I’m going to provide you with some insights on getting started (if this is right for you), or to maybe head in the right direction if you’re going down the wrong path.

This week we’re discussing whether or not a college education is necessary to become a screenwriter. As a graduate of Cal State Northridge (Go Matadors!), I thought I’d throw in some of my thoughts. I had a wonderful time in college, and feel like I grew as a person throughout the time I was there. I went through quite a transformation. I learned invaluable information about networking, and the complete process of filming from beginning to end. I can’t imagine easily learning everything I did while in school all on my own. While you can become a great writer without going to school, and many do, there are just too many benefits to having a good college education. The pros and cons are listed very well in this article written by Chad Gervich at Script Magazine:

PRIMETIME: How to Become a Screenwriter: Should I Go to College to Become a Screenwriter?

The Ups and Downs Of Being A Screenwriter

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Do you really want to become a screenwriter? Do you know what it takes to be a screenwriter? Do you really understand? Many people have a different idea of what the business is, and don’t have a true understanding of what most screenwriters really do. I believe a lot of people aren’t aware of the truths of the industry, and thought I might share them with you. This post isn’t meant to discourage, only to help you open your eyes.

In this business there’s a very important difference between the Hollywood dream and the reality of things. This is a business fueled by artist, but it is not run by them. There are compromises in most cases that must be made while you walk down this road, and some may not be so eager to do so.

I like to think this blog helps inspire writers of all kinds, but what good is that if you don’t really know what you’re getting into? I have a great post to share with you about the ups and downs of being a screenwriter. The ups are incredibly inspiring, but the downs could be something that may change your mind. A few things discussed are the money you could make, the artistic qualities required, and the work that needs to be done. It’s a good read.

Here is a great article written by Michael Hauge at Writers Store:

Do You Really Want to Become a Screenwriter?

Friday Fun – Obsessive Compulsive Saving Disorder

Hello everyone. I’m here to talk to you about a disorder that has spread through a particular profession, writers. Millions of writers around the world, aren’t able to focus on their job, because of a fear that their work hasn’t been saved. This is a very serious issue. There has been a solution to this problem for years called auto save, but many writers still save their work every 60 seconds, wasting valuable time. I personally suffer from this disorder and saved this article at least 20 times during the writing of just this one paragraph. There is no known cure for Obsessive Compulsive Saving Disorder at this time, but I hope we find one some day. I’m just going to save this article one last time to be sure, but afterwards, I’ll still be wondering is it really safe?