In-Depth Look – Stephen King

Last October I posted an In-Depth Interview on Stephen King, which deals more about his life, and what has influenced him as a writer. It’s hard to realize how much his stories have an influence on our culture. Really, did you know just within the span of several months he has 5 projects releasing? Three of these are airing as TV shows, “The Mist,” “Mr. Mercedes,” and “Castle Rock,” and  two are movies, “The Dark Tower,” and “It.”

If you’re interested in learning more about how wide his influence spreads this article by “Vanity Fair” is a great read.

Vanity Fair – Stephen King Knows He’s Having a Moment


Friday Fun – Infinite Monkey Theorem

The Infinite Monkey Theorem states that a monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite amount of time will almost surely type a given text, such as the complete works of William Shakespeare. In fact the monkey would almost surely type every possible finite text an infinite number of times. However, the probability that monkeys filling the observable universe would type a complete work such as Shakespeare’s Hamlet is so tiny that the chance of it occurring during a period of time hundreds of thousands of orders of magnitude longer than the age of the universe is extremely low (but technically not zero).

Great! I’m sure you don’t need infinite monkeys… How many are enough? Where can I find these monkeys? And can I pay them in bananas? If you’re a smart movie executive reading this, you should get on this!

And the winner is…

Kimi Howl Lee

A huge congratulations to Kimi Howl Lee, the winner of this year’s fellowship! Kimi is getting a free 6-month Premium Membership to theOffice. She’ll have her own door code to access the space whenever she wants. Kimi is a screenwriter. She’s fairly new to LA. Her 10-page sample of Mouth left us quite intrigued. We’ll check in with Kimi once she gets settled in here, so we can learn more about the work she’s doing. Stay tuned for that.

And a hearty THANK YOU to everyone who submitted to this year’s fellowship. There were so many exciting, thoughtful entries – screenplays, plays, poems, stories and more. Our judges – Nicole LaPorte, Mark Cullen and David Scarpa – had a very challenging decision. We very much appreciate those of you who shared your talent with us. As writers ourselves, we know the courage and commitment it takes to continually put your work out there, so kudos for showing up – that’s half the battle right there!

For those of you who are local and still looking for a quiet, inspiring space to work, we do hope to offer the fellowship again next year. Please make sure you’re either subscribed to this blog, following us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and/or subscribed to our newsletter (at the bottom of theOffice homepage). And don’t forget, we offer a FREE WEEK to all newcomers. Just call or email before heading over, on the day, to confirm we can accommodate you.

All the best of luck on your writing journey!

Warm regards,
Wade and Jordan

Cosplay: Where Characters Come to Life

I have a buddy from college who’s really passionate about the world of cosplay. If you don’t know, cosplay is the practice of dressing up as a character from a movie, book, or video game, especially one from the Japanese genres of manga and anime. This is pretty inspiring if you think about it. People are so passionate about the stories and characters created in these worlds that they spend a lot of time and money on creating costumes to look like their favorite characters. He takes it to a whole other level and turns the portraits taken of them into pure art. Here’s a comparison below of what a character looks like in an illustration vs photo:

You could only be so lucky to create something that has a fan base so passionate that they’ll dress up as your characters. Cosplay creates communities of people that love a good story and a good character. Who’s your favorite character?

A few more pics below for you to check out:

Handling Criticism

lessons about criticism

“What did you think of my book?”

“Oh I loved it, except there was one little part I’d have done differently. I think it could really benefit if you changed this one tiny little thing.”

“I poured my soul out! My book is perfect!” *runs away crying*

Taking criticism can be really tough! The form criticism has taken has changed a lot over the recent years due to the popularity of social media. Not so long ago, critics were paid to do their jobs, and to do it well (mostly…), but now anybody with a keyboard can be a critic. Whether you’re reading the review of a critic with the best intentions in mind or the beloved internet troll, it can be difficult not to take personally.

Each writer has a different way of dealing with criticism. Here’s an article about 11 writers, and how they deal with criticism:

Flavorwire: 11 Writers on How They Deal With Criticism

I run away and cry after every critique, but maybe I could handle the situation better. What are some ways you deal with criticism?

The Crossover

I’m currently watching “The Defenders.” Don’t worry this is a spoiler-free post! I’ll just tell you when our favorite Netflix superheroes finally meet it’s a moment that was well worth the wait. It’s incredibly exciting to see how character’s with their own shows or movies act when they finally meet face to face. Sometimes it’s a match made in heaven, and well sometimes… “HULK SMASH!” Nevertheless, the results are usually fun and create some really special stories you can only dream of.

Here’s a fun article about some of the greatest crossovers in film and television:

CBR: The 15 Best On-Screen Crossovers

Some of my favorites are “Buffy” and “Angel,” “Arrowverse,” and of course “The Avengers.” What’s your favorite crossover?